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    1. Mikey added a post in a topic Welcome back! AGAIN   

      ​I try.
    2. Daggers added a post in a topic Welcome back! AGAIN   

      Mikey your organisational skills are outstanding
    3. Mikey added a post in a topic Ultra new here!   

    4. melaniephenderson added a post in a topic Your Predictions?   

      I don't think that consoles will ever completely fall out of the scene, after all that is the point of console exclusive games isn't it? 

      Some of the best games developed are console exclusive and whilst the PC overall has an excellent array of games at much better prices than consoles, if games are good there will be demand for those consoles. I do think there will be a rise in PC gaming however in fact I already think that it's happened. 
      From what I've experienced personally I find that playing on a console provides me with much smoother gameplay (my computer does lag) and there tends to be far less glitches. My computer really isn't the best in the world though and I suppose one that is specifically built for gaming with much higher specs would run a lot better. And of course console gaming does have it's downsides too, but I do enjoy the bigger screen for some games. 

      I suppose a console is outranked by a PC because a PC can do so much a console can't but to be honest I don't think they are necessarily comparable, they both fill different niches in the gaming industry. Take Nintendo for example, their games are all exclusive to console and whilst they might not be the biggest gaming company out there they have a huge fanbase and are still a big player in the gaming industry. I don't ever see them making the switch to PC and so their fans won't either. Or what about hand-held consoles? There's still very much a market for the Nintendo 3DS and perhaps even the PS Vita, the 3DS at least sells millions of games each year and even compared with consoles their specs are terrible. 
    5. Nocte added a topic in Welcome Forum   

      Ultra new here!
      Hey there fellow gamers!
      I'm a 21 year old taken female from KY if that matters c=
      Gaming in any form is what I do best.  Since I was old enough to pick up an Super Nintendo controller for Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, I've been competitive and thriving ever since.  While I own nearly all of the classic systems and all the generations of Nintendo hand helds and consoles, my main love is Playstation.  I own every generation/model but stopped at the PS3 slim. I have over 250+ games including digital and find that I don't want to move on until I've completed them all and platinumed what I can. I used to be a trophy hunter but that's slowed down as I don't have as much time as I used to. My days consist of gaming with or talking about games with my Fiance and I'm one of those people that support the motto 'a couple that plays together, stays together'. Yep, total nerd.
      I hope to post regularly and was super happy when I found another user friendly forum!
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    6. joshposh added a post in a topic Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85   

      He was definitely one of the main figures the brought the video gaming industry to where it is now.  Where would Nintendo be without him?  Atari had messed the home video gaming market up when video game makers were releasing poor made games.  Years later, Nintendo backed by this man reinvigorated the industry laying the foundation to where it is now.
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