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    1. GruffMeister added a post in a topic I'm losing it!   

      Wow. Been a long time since I have been here. I would say Destiny with the Taken king is now the game to get you back in to gaming. All the really good stuff that Destiny had any way but with all the crap gone.
    2. Papi Sox added a topic in General Gaming Discussion   

      I'm losing it!
      I've been a member of this group for a long time, but haven't posted anything in a long time. So, sorry if nobody know's me. So here's my rant. I love video games, but don't really feel like playing much. I don't know if it's the stress of being a parent, provider, work stress (night shift) or just getting older. My kids often take over my game systems to play Minecraft. So my time is limited during the day. Is there some type of pill or intervention to get me back into gaming? I don't even feel the urge to buy any new games............HELP!
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    3. GruffMeister added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

      You have it on steam. I am PS4 only mate. Soz
    4. Mikey added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

      I shall endeavour to. I started it on Steam with a friend but they went away. We could organize an MG Borderlands night?!
    5. GruffMeister added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

      The best shoot and Loot ever made. The handsome collection comes with all of the DLC and presequel so its the best buy. Play Borderlands and all of a sudden you will see exactly what I mean.
    6. Mikey added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

      Though I cannot admit to playing Borderlands 2, I have it and have been meaning to
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